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Sanbai Mountain Scenic Area, Ganzhou, Jiangxi province Print
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Sanbai Mountain Scenic Area, Ganzhou, Jiangxi province
(三百山景区sān bǎishān jǐng qū)

Address: Fushan village, Anyuan county, Ganzhou city, Jiangxi province
Scenic Spot Level: AAAAA
Opening Hours: 8 am - 5 pm
Ticket Price: free

A bird eye’s view of the Fuao Pool [Photo/]

Sanbai Mountain is a combination of peaks on the southeastern border of Anyuan county, Jiangxi province. It is the source of the Dongjiang River, the headstream of drinking water for residents of Guangdong and Hong Kong. The spot is now a national forestpark and a top-level national scenic area.

Covering an area of 197 square kilometers, the scenic spot boasts a forest coverage rate of 98 percent. Among its rich plant resources, 1,702 species are common plants and 300 species are rare. There are 1,361 kinds of wild animals, 38 of which are under the state’s foremost protection, making up an essential biological gene bank in southern China. The average annual temperature there is 15.1 C and the maximum value of negative oxygen ions in the air is 100,000/cm³, which has made the area a famed summer resort and a "natural oxygen bar".

The Fuao Pool, also known as the "Volcanic Jade Pool", is a small natural basin in the mountains. Coveringmore than 15 hectares, it is located at an altitude of about 900 meters and was formed by a volcanic eruption more than 800 million years ago. Rainfall and water from the surrounding forests gather in the pool, where the water level stays constant all year round.

Dongfeng Lake is a medium-sized reservoir at the source of the Dongjiang River. Built in 1966, it has a capacity of 11 million cubic meters. Across from the center of the lake, there is a scenic spoton both sides of the mountain, embraced by a vast see of green trees. Visitors can have a wonderful view of the surrounding picturesque scenery by boat.

The Butterfly Grand Canyon, with a total length of about six kilometers, is a deep volcanic canyon formed by the rise of the earth's crust and the effects of erosion. The valley has a well-developed water system in which volcanic rhyolite columnar joints can be seen everywhere. The valley boasts a suitable natural environment for multiple kinds of butterflies. There are nearly 300 butterfly species living in the area, including 10 rare ones such as beak swallowtail butterflies, Agehanaelwesis and golden birdwings.

The valley boasts a suitable natural environment for multiple kinds of butterflies.[Photo/]



Last Updated: Jul 27, 2022

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