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Visitors fall for Xinjiang's scenic splendors

Updated: Jul 13, 2022 By XU LIN China Daily Print
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Visitors stop at a scenic spot along the highway. [Photo by Gao Han/Xinhua]

Exotic culture

Zhang Xiaoyu, secretary-general of the Xinjiang Tourism Association, said, "The region's unique landforms and exotic culture make it stand out among its counterparts, especially with outbound travel suspended in China due to COVID-19."

He said one of the problems in developing tourism in Xinjiang is that the region is a long way from cities such as Beijing, from which it takes as long as four hours to reach Urumqi by air.

"In some sparsely populated areas, drivers and their passengers commonly see nobody else when they travel for several hundred kilometers. Xinjiang's tourism infrastructure has improved greatly, but more investment is still needed to improve service quality," Zhang said.

Wu Liyun, an associate professor at the China Academy of Culture and Tourism at Beijing International Studies University, said, "As tourists are drawn to popular attractions, it's important for management to understand visitors' requirements in order to maintain a good reputation."

She suggested that to help tourists, local authorities draw up plans for infrastructure and public services-for example, by deciding where to put up sign boards, build gas stations and establish parking lots.

"In-depth tourism products and good-quality services are paramount," Wu said.

She added that as well as driving along the highway and enjoying the scenery, visitors would prolong their stay when they are attracted by local scenic areas, cultural activities and accommodations. It is also important to give related information to tourists and enhance support services.

"Travel experiences can connect the tourism and folk resources along the highway, boosting the local tourism industry," Wu said.

She also believes it is vital to provide visitors with real-time information about the highway, including news of weather, traffic and road conditions, so that they can plan their trips efficiently.

Wu also suggested that the authorities send such information to those on the highway via text messages or mobile apps.

"To enrich visitors' travel experience, caravan campsites should provide eye-catching activities, along with dining services and recreational infrastructure," she added.

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