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Go to Lyusi fishing port to taste freshest seafood

Updated: Jun 28, 2022 Print
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An abundance of fresh and quality seafood is what Lyusigang town – located in the county-level city of Qidong in Nantong of East China's Jiangsu province – is renowned for.

The town got its name from the legendary Lyu Dongbin, born in 796. One of the eight famous immortals revered by the Taoists and the founder of the Taoist mainstream Quanzhen Sect, he is known to have visited the area four times.

The statue of Lyu Dongbin stands by the Yellow Sea in Qidong. [Photo/WeChat account: wxntfb]

Summer is always a good season for eating delicious seafood there. Being home to Lyusi fishing port, one of six State-level central fishing ports in China, Lyusigang town is able to offer over 2,000 kinds of seafood.

The expansion project for Lyusi fishing port, after receiving investment of 10 billion yuan ($1.5 billion), opens in August 2019 after completion. [Photo/WeChat account: wxntfb]

Let's have a look at some of the most popular seafood in Lyusi.

This wonderful steamed silvery pomfret invites foodies to get stuck in. [Photo/WeChat account: wxntfb]
Crispy on the outside and tender inside, fried silvery pomfret is a famous dish to go with wine. [Photo/WeChat account: wxntfb]
Simple seasonings like sesame oil and soy sauce make jellyfish taste delicious and crispy. [Photo/WeChat account: wxntfb]
Rich in a variety of microelements, Lyusi hairtail has high nutritional value, as well as tender and delicious meat. [Photo/WeChat account: wxntfb]
Lyusi clams – together with hairtail, silvery pomfret, nori and jellyfish – are known as the five specialties of Lyusi fishing port. [Photo/WeChat account: wxntfb]

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