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Expats discover splendid Dafeng with Go Jiangsu program

Updated: Jun 28, 2022 By Xue Xinyi in Dafeng, Jiangsu Print
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Expats enjoy a great time at Holland Flower Park in Dafeng district, Yancheng city, on June 25. [Photo by Liu Xia/]

A group of 10 expats from six countries – including the US, South Africa, Bangladesh and Pakistan – kicked up their heels and had the time of their lives while participating in the Go Jiangsu Social Media Trip for Foreigners, which toured the Dafeng district of Yancheng city in East China's Jiangsu province on June 25-26.

During their two-day trip, the group got to explore some of the city's key attractions while learning about its development.

After the arrival at Holland Flower Park, known as China's top tulip park, the expats were treated to a spectacular welcome ceremony called Unique Love · Land of Drama – a kind of immersive fantasy play.

It's the second in the Unique series from Chinese director Wang Chaoge. Integrating the theme of love and flowers, it attempts to transcend space and time, and depicts love in its various forms.

"The lighting and scenery were really high-tech, really cool," said Melanie Genevieve Flanders, a US resident who has been living in Jiangsu province for 17 years.

She added that its subject surprised her a lot because it was not a usual sort of Chinese tale. Flanders said that the third scene, especially, provided insight since she could feel and see the pain of people's lives in the drama.

After the show, there was a launch ceremony for the trip, when leaders of local organizers welcomed the overseas guests.

Dai Yong, head of the district, said at the ceremony that he hoped the visitors would learn about the charms of Dafeng by enjoying the flowers, taking in the wetlands, visiting its villages and ancient streets, looking at traditional local handicrafts and seeing the area's Milu deers, or elks.

On the first day, the expats visited two hot spots for night tours – Block 920 and Dalong Island. Block 920 is a hip place blending historical, functional and recreational features, while Dalong Island is a European-style resort which will open in July.

In addition to its beautiful scenery, the trip provided a glimpse into Dafeng's rapid development and cultural immersion.

The foreigners were said to be keen to learn about Dafeng carved porcelain, a kind of "embroidery" on porcelain.

"It is amazing and fabulous!" said Elvira Yumakayeva from Kazakhstan, who is learning oil painting at the Nanjing University of the Arts in Jiangsu province.

She said they saw many of the works on display, but had no idea how much went into each one until they tried it out themselves.

On day two, the expats visited the Green Field Xinzhong Agricultural Park and CATARC Automotive Proving Ground and learned about Dafeng's development in modern agriculture and in the auto industry.

Last but not least, the trip ended at the Dafeng National Level Elk Nature Reserve, where the foreign friends enthusiastically got up close with elks in their natural habitat. The animals were friendly, having just had their lunch and the visitors were clearly enchanted.

Go Jiangsu is a brand event co-organized by Jiangsu province and with the aim of bringing more expats to experience the culture of the eastern Chinese province.

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