Tangshan continues to capture attention

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Top officials in Tangshan, North China's Hebei province demanded the police be reasonably deployed, leaving no blind spots to safeguard public order, according to a government conference Friday night.

"We must make sure that problems concerning public security can be timely dealt with" a top local official told the conference, which was presided by the city's Party Secretary Wu Weidong.

Not a single clue on illegal acts should be missed and all of the tips on crimes should be investigated thoroughly and punished accordingly, the official said.

The demands from top officials followed viral footage of women being assaulted a week ago which provoked widespread outrage from the public. Since then, top officials led by Wu have continued to hold meetings and paid inspection visits to improve public order.

On Friday night, Wu made an unannounced visit to a local police station in the city's Lubei district, where the assault occurred, on June 10.

To inspect the work of social governance and resolving citizens' complaints in communities, Wu visited Fengnan district on Friday morning.

"Improving community governance is a key aspect for improving the social governance system and ability," Wu said.

He visited Chenlong residential community and held a symposium, when he also met with some residents who had complains to report.

"Relevant departments should take effective measures to resolve problems that have aroused strong public complaints to safeguard social harmony and stability," he said.

In the past week, the northern city has been noteable for its newly launched campaign to crack down on crimes following the assault, and for its measures of epidemic prevention and control.

According to media reports, train passengers arriving at Tangshan need to report their journey to local communities or hotels in the city 48 hours in advance. Otherwise, they cannot get out of Tangshan Railway Station, said a report on Friday by Jinan Times, media based in Jinan, Shandong province.

Passengers also need to take arranged buses and take a picture with the bus he or she is going to take before getting on, the report said. They also need to sign a letter of commitment stating they will not go out after arriving at destinations.

A Weibo user who claimed himself as a journalist from Guizhou province said he encountered similar requirements when he wanted to get out of the station on June 11.

The reports and claims have so far not been confirmed by official departments.

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