Deciphering city codes: the Central Axis of Beijing

Wanning Bridge: Water network junction

Updated: Jun 7, 2022 Print
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Winter scenery at Wanning Bridge [Photo/VCG]

Located at the junction between the central axis and the city water network, Wanning Bridge was built in 1285, the 22nd year of the Zhiyuan reign of the Yuan Dynasty. It was later transformed from a wood structure to a single-arch white marble bridge, more than ten meters long and nearly ten meters wide. The bridge deck is paved by stone slabs and slightly arched in the middle. White marble guardrails carved with lotus and vase patterns are constructed on each side of the bridge.

As the terminal of the Grand Canal in the Yuan Dynasty, the bridge guaranteed that grain boats from the south could directly enter the capital and that ships from the north had access to northwest water areas (Jishuitan) for berthing.

At each end of the bridge, there are a pair of stone beasts, which are relics from the Yuan and Ming dynasties.

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