Great Wall re-discovered

Jilin province: The Yanbian Frontier Wall

Updated: Dec 20, 2021 Print
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Chinese archaeologists have found 11 possible ruins of the Great Wall dating back to the Qin and Han dynasties in Northeast China's Jilin province, four of which were confirmed as of 2009.

A section of the Yanbian Frontier Wall in Jilin province. The photo is a film still from a livestream recording featuring China's Great Wall aired by China Central Television.

For the public, on the other hand, the better-known Great Wall site in Jilin is the "frontier wall" located in Yanbian Korean autonomous prefecture. According to nearby archaeological finds, the Yanbian Frontier Wall is believed to have been built during the early period of the Bohai Kingdom (698-926, a minority regime in northeastern China established by the ancient Mohe people)) during the Tang Dynasty(618-907) of China.The wall was mainly built on the ridge.

Due to natural weathering and historical reasons, most of the Yanbian Frontier Wall has disappeared over time. At present, the most prominent and best preserved part of the Yanbian Frontier Wall is a section of basalt wall built on Pingfeng Mountain, with an overall height of about 1 meter. Archaeologists believe that the low wall served more as a marker or warning, much like the boundary tablets found on modern national boundaries.


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