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Three-River-Source National Park, Qinghai province

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Three-River-Source National Park, Qinghai province

Beautiful view of the Three-River-Source National Park [Photo/IC]

The Three-River-Source National Park, covering an area of 190,700 square kilometers, is located on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, which is known as the world's “third pole”. It protects the source of the Yangtze, Yellow and Lancang rivers and is home to various ecosystems.

Yangtze River Source Area

Lake groups in the Yangtze River Source Area of the Three-River-Source National Park [Photo/]

At an altitude of more than 4,200 meters, the source area of the Yangtze River preserves a large and relatively complete environment encompassing primitive alpine grasslands, alpine meadows, and plateau wetlands. It is the main breeding place and a migration passage for Tibetan antelopes, and generally a“paradise for wildlife”. As the world’s most bio-diverse high-altitude area, it is also reputed as a natural germplasm resource bank for alpine creatures.The renowned Hoh Xil National Reserve is located in this source area.

Yellow River Source Area

The source of the Yellow River [Photo/IC]

The source area of the Yellow River boasts breathtaking natural landscapes, with bold and rough plateau primitive landforms,towering glaciers and snow-capped mountains, boundless alpine meadows and grasslands, and native wildlife.

Langcang (Mekong) River Source Area

Located in Zadoi county, Qinghai province, the source area of the Langcang River is home to important water sources and biodiversity.The rare vertical vegetation geomorphic landscape in the area features bare rock glaciers, alpine meadows and grasslands, bushes, sabinati betica trees, wetlands, and rivers.

In addition, Zadoi county is known as “The most important county in the source area of the Langcang River”, “No 1 county of the Chinese caterpillar fungus”, and “the hometown of China’s snow leopard”.

The Langcang River Source Area is one of China’s major snow leopard habitats. [Photo/]

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