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Shennongjia's real beauty is more than just a myth

Updated: Nov 22, 2021 By Xu Lin China Daily Print
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Shennongjia boasts rich biodiversity. [Photo by Wan Zhongyi/For China Daily]

Beauty and biodiversity

Most tourists stay in Muyu town, and drive, either their own vehicles or charter a car with a driver, to scenic areas scattered all around on a two or three-day package.

Trips, in such a mountainous region, are of course dependent on the weather.

If you're fortunate enough, an early rise may be rewarded with a stunning view of a sea of clouds beneath.

The natural beauty of karst landforms is ubiquitous.

There are waterfalls, pools and a 17-meter-high arch "bridge" crafted by nature after years of rain erosion.

You can hike in a forest, climb a mountain and explore a large, dark cave to listen to the sounds of swallows nestling. Don't be alarmed when dripping water splashes on your head.

The locals also store home-brewed wines in a small cave, which is decorated with colorful lights.

Tourists will bump into a "hospital" to see the golden snub-nosed monkeys, who like to climb and play games with each other. Those who're ill or injured will stay there for treatment and go back to the forest once recovered.

Guanmenshan Scenic Area showcases rich biodiversity, with a natural ecology museum, a garden with precious plants and areas that raise different animals such as deer and giant salamander.

Walking in a zigzag wooden plank road in the forest, you will learn about different bird species on small exhibition boards, and observe fish in the ponds.

It's a perfect place to discover natural science, especially for, but not only, children.

In Dajiuhu National Wetland Park, when the wetlands are shrouded in mist early in the morning, it's like being in a wonderland with the reflections in the water and mountains and reed marshes on the backdrop.

For that fantastic view, you have to stay overnight in Qianping ancient town, and get up as early as 6 am to catch the first shuttle bus that will take you to explore the park's nine wetlands.

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