2nd shipment of COVID-19 vaccine donated by China arrives in Guinea-Bissau

Updated: Nov 12, 2021 CIDCA Print
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The second shipment of COVID-19 vaccine donated by China to Guinea-Bissau arrived in the country's capital Bissau on Oct 4, 2021.

Guinea-Bissau's High Commissioner for the Fight Against COVID-19 Magda Robalo Correia e Silva, Chinese Ambassador to Guinea-Bissau Guo Ce, WHO representative in Guinea-Bissau Jean-Marie Kipela and other officials were present at the airport to greet the vaccine.

Guo said in his speech that the vaccine donation is another demonstration of the bilateral friendship and anti-pandemic cooperation between China and Guinea-Bissau, and reflects China's determination to help other developing countries in their fight against the virus with practical actions.

He said he hopes that the vaccine donation will further strengthen Guinea-Bissau's ability to prevent and control COVID-19.

Up to now, China has provided 1.2 billion doses of vaccines and stock solutions to more than 100 countries and international organizations, and has provided anti-pandemic material assistance to more than 150 countries and 14 international organizations, said Guo.

He added that China solemnly pledged that it will strive to provide 2 billion doses of vaccines to foreign countries this year and donate another 100 million doses of vaccine to developing countries within the year, on top of the $100 million donated to the COVAX.

China will also continue to support and participate in global scientific origin-tracing and firmly opposes any form of political manipulation, said Guo.

On behalf of Guinea-Bissau's President Umaro Sissoco Embalo, its government and people, Silva thanked the Chinese government and people for the valuable vaccine assistance they have once again provided.

Silva said that since the independence of Guinea-Bissau, China has long supported the country's economic and social development and provided a lot of selfless help, which the people of Guinea-Bissau bear in mind.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, China has repeatedly provided anti-pandemic materials and vaccine assistance to Guinea-Bissau, helping it improve its ability to prevent and control and better cope with the pandemic. The people of Guinea-Bissau sincerely appreciate China's profound friendship and Guinea-Bissau is willing to continue to work closely with China to help each other and overcome COVID-19.

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