China's glamorous grasslands

Hulunbuir Grasslands

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Hulunbuir Grasslands

An radiant sunset view of the Hulunbuir Grasslands [Photos/IC]

The most well-preserved grassland in China, the Hulunbuir Grasslands are named after its Hulun and Buir lakes. It is located in the northeast of the Inner Mongolia autonomous region and covers an area of more than 11 million hectares. The grasslands boast an east-west sloping landform that nestles more than 3,000 crossing rivers and 500 lakes, it consists of three terrains including sylvosteppes, meadow steppes and dry grasslands. This region is richly endowed by nature, with its flourishing grass crowning it as the “kingdom of pasture” and making up its picturesque scenery.

The Hulunbuir Grasslands are known as the “cradle” among China’s northern nomadic ethnic groups, as throughout history many of them used to live and thrive here, including the Xiongnu, Xianbei, Shiwei, Tujue, Khitan and Jurchen people.

Best times to visit:
Summer tourist season: Mid-May to Mid-Sept
Ice and snow tourist season: Nov to Mid-Feb

Major attractions: Ergune Wetland, Hulun Lake, Mergel Gol River

An aerial view of the Mergel Gol River, known as the “most beautiful crooked river of the world”


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