China's glamorous grasslands

Xiliin Gol Grasslands

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Xiliin Gol Grasslands

A fantastic summer view of the grasslands dotted with trollflowers at the Xanadu Site, Zhenglan Banner of Xiliingol Gol League, Inner Mongolia autonomous region [Photo/IC]

Covering an area of more than 17 million hectares, the Xiliin Gol Grasslands are located in the central area of the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, and serve as a pivotal ecological shelter of northern China. It encompasses a variety of landforms, including meadows, typical steppes and desert steppes. The Xiliin Gol National Grassland Nature Reserve is included in the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves .

A well-preserved original prairie of the Eurasian steppe region, the grasslands are endowed with a unique ecological environmental type, highlighting the essential characteristics of the steppe community, and drawing a panorama of the ecosystem and the ecological process of the typical steppes on the Inner Mongolian Plateau.

The Xinliin Gol Grasslands are one of the origins of the Mongolian ethnic group and have witnessed many important historical events. Genghis Khan (1162-1227) led several crucial battles there that played important roles in the founding of the Mongol Empire. His grandson Kublai Khan (r.1260-94) inherited the throne and initiated the renowned Xanadu on these grasslands.

Best times to visit: May to Aug

Major attractions: The Site of Xanadu, The Scenic Spot of the Xinliin Gol River, The Wolf Valley Tourist Area, The Duolun Lake Scenic Spot

Beautiful grassland scenery under the azure sky [Photo/VCG]


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