China's glamorous grasslands

Ulan Butung Grasslands

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Ulan Butung Grasslands

Morning mist blankets a corner of the Ulan Butung Grasslands in autumn. [Photos/IC]

These grasslands used to be part of the imperial Mulan Paddock and hunting grounds during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). The Ulan Butung Grasslands are located in the southwestern Hexigten Banner, Chifeng city, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, where the Greater Hinggan meets the Yinshan Mountains. They are composed of multiple landforms including rocky hilly areas, deserts, upland plains and basins, and are home to enchanting landscapes such as grasslands, lakes, sand, wetlands and forests.
Meanwhile, the grasslands boast a rich amount of natural resources. Being largely covered in secondary forests, trees, shrub species and woodland herbs, it presents obvious vegetation zones with complete structures and layers. Precious animals, including whooper swans, great bustards, eagles, falcons, red and roe deer, also live and thrive there.

The Ulan Butung Grasslands witnessed a famous battle in 1690, when the Qing cavalry of Emperor Kangxi (r. 1662-1722) clashed with the Dzungar forces under the leadership of Galdan (1644-97). The enchanting natural landscapes have also attracted the shooting of many films and TV series.

Best times to visit: July to Oct.

Major attractions: The General's Lake, Wucai Mountain, the Lama Mountains, the Ulan Butung Film and Television Base

Horses gallop across the Ulan Butung Grasslands.


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