China's glamorous grasslands

Xilamuren Grasslands

Updated: Oct 28, 2021 Print
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Xilamuren Grasslands

An enchanting summer view of the Xilamuren Grasslands [Photo/IC]

The Xilamuren Grasslands are situated in the Darhan Muminggan Joint Banner, Baotou city, Inner Mongolia autonomous region. They are named after the local Xilamuren River, which is Mongolian and translates to a river of yellow color. With an average altitude of 1,700 meters, the grasslands feature a hilly landform and experiences large temperature swings between day and night, making it a world-renowned place to escape the summer heat.

With its construction completed in 1769 during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), the Puhui Lamasery is a famous cultural spot surrounded by the Xilamuren River. It used to serve as the summer resort of the sixth Living Buddha of the Xilituzhao Lamasery in today’s Hohhot. It boasts a grand scale and delicate Tibetan architectural style through construction and expansions spread over two hundred years.

In summer the grand Nadam Games are held on the Xilamuren Grasslands, making for a vivid picture of indigenous folk customs and the culture of the Mongolian ethnic group.

Best times to visit: July to Sept.

Major attractions: Puhui Lamasery, the Site of the Northern Wei Dynasty (386-534) Great Walls, the Honggor Ovoo

With its construction completed in 1769, the Puhui Lamasery is a famous tourist attraction of the grasslands . [Photo/]

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