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Bayanbulak Grasslands

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Bayanbulak Grasslands

Livestock grazes in the beautiful Bayanbulak Grasslands. [Photo/IC]

Meaning “plentiful spring water” in Mongolian, the Bayanbulak Grasslands are located in a basin in the middle of the Tianshan Mountains, and are surrounded by snow peaks. They enjoy a flat terrain sitting at an altitude of nearly 2,500 meters and covering an area more than 23,800 square kilometers. Boasting luxurious grass and ample water resources, the grasslands are a typical dogstail meadow steppe and are one of the major animal husbandry production bases in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region. Rivers, springs, lakes and marshes add charm to this naturally bestowed treasure land.

Being less affected by human activity, the grasslands are considered an ideal habitat for wild animals, and are home to many precious species, such as swans. Representative grazing species there include Yanqi Tianshan horses, Bayanbulak sheep, Merino sheep and yaks. The landscapes of the grasslands are highly unique and their nature is irreplaceable.

Some of the return migration of the Torgut clan, under the leadership of Ubashi Khan (1744-74), settled down in the Bayanbulak Grasslands according to the arrangements made by the Qing Government in 1774.

Best times to visit: June to September
Major attractions: The Swan Nature Reserve, Gongnaisi Forest Park, Aerxia Scenic Spot

Enchanting summer views of the Bayanbulak Grasslands [Photo/IC]


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