China's glamorous grasslands

The Zhaosu Grasslands

Updated: Oct 28, 2021 Print
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The Zhaosu Grasslands

Horses gallop across the Tekes River on the Zhaosu Grasslands. [Photo/IC]

Located in Zhaosu country of the Ili Kazak autonomous prefecture, Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, the Zhaosu Grasslands enjoy a cool climate and are surrounded by mountains on all sides. The Tekes River carries clear water across the grasslands, which are adorned with amazing Xiata Canyon. They are also greatly bestowed by nature, boasting lush grass, fertile soil and rich water resources, providing an ideal habitat for livestock.

The Zhaosu Grasslands, besides the picturesque scenery, also attracts visitors with its bountiful cultural landscape. The ancient nomadic people left behind lots of heritage, including the Wusun An

Flowers thriving on the Zhaosu Grasslands. [Photo/IC]

cient Tombs, the sites of the Xiata Ancient City, the Little Hongnahai Stone Figure Tombs and rock paintings.

Best times to visit: July to September
Major attractions: Xiata Scenic Spot, Little Hongnahai Stone Figures Tombs, Tekes River National Wetland Park

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