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China Daily launched the "Study China" Information Service Platform in Beijing on Sept 27. The platform is committed to providing overseas students with a full range of information and services regarding their studies in China and improving people-to-people exchanges.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has encouraged overseas students at Peking University to gain a deeper understanding of China as it really is, urging them to share their thoughts and experiences with more people and play an active role in promoting friendship between the peoples of all countries. Xi, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, made the remarks on June 21 in his reply letter to 45 representatives of overseas students from 32 countries who are studying at Peking University.

China Daily, established in 1981 as the national English-language newspaper, has developed into a multi-media information platform. The group plays an important role as a channel for information exchanges between China and the rest of the world.

China Daily launched the "Study China" Information Service Platform to provide overseas students with an abundance of information and services that will help them during different stages of their studies in China.

The platform includes a main website and sub-sites for universities. The main site explains the advantages of China for international students and provides information on programs and scholarships and introductions to various universities. It also includes news and events, Chinese language study materials and China ABCs.

The main site will provide international students with timely, accurate and authoritative services and information about studying in China.

A database is under construction that students will be able to search according to several filters, like location, university or disciplines, in order to help them find programs and scholarships that fit them best.

The university sub-sites offer general information about the school,programs and scholarships, news, living conditions and student stories. These sub-sites aim to inform prospective students about the resources offered by Chinese universities, as well as paint a vivid image of their campuses and give students an idea of what student life is like at these schools.

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