Strengthening Mutually Beneficial Cooperation For Common Development

Updated: Sep 18, 2021 CIDCA Print
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Strengthening Mutually Beneficial Cooperation

For Common Development

Remarks by H.E. Wang Yi

State Councilor and Foreign Minister of

The People's Republic of China

At the Forum on the 20th Anniversary of

Juncao Assistance and Sustainable Development Cooperation

2 September 2021


Your Excellencies,


Ladies and Gentlemen,

President Xi Jinping's congratulatory letter fully demonstrates the great importance he attaches to international cooperation on Juncao technology. When working in Fujian 20 years ago, he personally pushed for the implementation of Juncao technology assistance project in Papua New Guinea, thus starting international cooperation on this technology. Over the past 20 years, with the personal care and support from President Xi, China has held 270 international training sessions on Juncao technology, trained over 10,000 people from 106 countries, and set up Juncao technology experiment and demonstration centers or bases in 13 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Juncao technology, modest yet highly cost-effective and efficient in improving livelihood, has taken root in more than 100 countries, creating hundreds of thousands of green jobs for local youths and women and bringing benefits and hope to more and more people in developing countries. It has played a significant role in promoting economic and social undertakings.

Juncao technology is a successful practice that China came to grasp in promoting poverty alleviation. It is also an important contribution by China to global sustainable development. In his congratulatory letter, President Xi Jinping pointed the way forward for international cooperation on Juncao technology. We will follow his guidance, continue to deepen mutually beneficial cooperation, and make Juncao a "grass of happiness" and "grass of prosperity" for more people in developing countries. To this end—

China will fully leverage the high adaptability and practicality of Juncao. We will make active efforts to bring Juncao projects to more countries, enhance developing countries' capability and performance in sustainable agriculture, and make greater contribution to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

China will fully leverage the low cost and high efficiency of Juncao. We will step up experience sharing and exchange with other developing countries on targeted poverty alleviation, improve their livelihood and capacity for self-development through demonstration projects and technology training, and contribute to their poverty reduction endeavors.

China will fully leverage the forte of Juncao to prevent desertification, stabilize sands and improve soil quality. We will further tap the potential of Juncao technology to drive green development, help more developing countries better balance ecological, economic and social development, and contribute to harmony between man and Nature.


International cooperation on Juncao technology is a mirror that reflects China's commitment to enhancing South-South cooperation and attaining common development and prosperity with developing countries. China will continue to deliver on its commitment and responsibility with concrete actions, do its best to help more developing countries realize sustainable development, and work together for a community with a shared future for mankind.

We will continue to promote international cooperation against COVID-19. China will provide more anti-COVID assistance to developing countries. So far, we have supplied other countries with more than 900 million doses of vaccines and have been working with 13 countries on local vaccine production. We will continue to promote vaccine accessibility and affordability in developing countries.

We will continue to enhance international cooperation on development. China will provide more funding, technology and personnel assistance to developing countries, and advance high-quality Belt and Road Cooperation, so as to help other countries strengthen weak links, enhance capacity for indigenous development, and contribute to post-COVID economic stability and recovery.

We will continue to fulfill our international responsibilities and obligations. China will firmly support multilateralism, uphold the central role of the United Nations in promoting sustainable development, and help developing countries have a stronger voice in the international system, so as to foster a fairer and more favorable international environment for the collective renewal of developing countries.


On cooperation among developing countries, President Xi Jinping once said: “True development is development for all and good development is sustainable." China will join hands with the world, follow the trend of the times and the will of people, and create more success stories about developing countries' joint pursuit of greater solidarity and cooperation and sustainable development. Together, let's embrace an even better tomorrow for all.

Thank you!



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