Premier Li stresses professional ethics among medical workers

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Premier Li Keqiang, also a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, presided over a medical expert symposium and listened to the attendees' opinions and suggestions on the development and innovation of medical and health services during a visit to the Peking Union Medical College Hospital on Sept 13.

Medical personnel should stick to Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and implementation of decisions by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, the Premier stressed, adding that they should put people and their lives first, safeguard people's health as a major means to promote people's livelihood and well-being, scale new heights in their profession, and constantly enhance medical and health services.

Premier Li started his visit with greetings conveyed to senior experts at the hospital. He extended his gratitude to them for their dedication to medical and health services, adding that their inheritance and development of medical expertise helps the hospital peak in the medical industry with a good reputation.

The Premier also requested that senior experts pass on their wisdom in medical treatment and talent cultivation.

While visiting the exhibition of centenary hospital medical records in the academic hall, Premier Li said the hospital made pioneering contributions to the modern medical science and the development of medical education, with a multitude of patients successfully cured, especially those who with critical conditions. He said he hoped that the hospital will carry forward its fine traditions and remain a reliable and creditable hospital to patients and their families.

Hearing speeches from medical experts, who included Zhang Shuyang, Wu Peixin, Qiu Guixing, Zhulan, Wu Dong and Lang Jinghe, Premier Li said medical science is based on people and is related to their health and life security, which call for sound medical ethics. Doctors' zeal and devotion to curing and saving patients and the injured mirrors their resolute protection of people's health.

People's improving living standards are calling for a greater need for health and fitness. Therefore, medical personnel should put patients first, respect their lives, and treat them with caring hearts.

Medical miracles cannot do without a scientific spirit and professionalism, Premier Li said. He called on medical workers to devote themselves to their careers with a rigorous and pragmatic attitude, striving for perfection. They should strengthen basic skills, dig into deep studies, and actively seek the best solutions targeting stubborn and serious cases. International exchanges and cooperation are encouraged to help explore and innovate new technologies, drugs, and methods on clinical diagnosis and treatment.

The country will support a batch of high-standard hospitals to take big strides in clinical medical research and achievement transformation, with an aim of catching up with international first runners. Facing the fast-changing variations of the COVID-19 virus, more efforts should be made in summing up experiences and improving vaccines, especially the research and development of specific medicines.

High-quality medical services should benefit more people, the Premier said. High-level hospitals should play a leading role in building regional medical center and medical treatment alliances to promote the elevation of medical institutions in central and western regions, as well as those in communities.

Internet Plus medical services will be boosted to give patients at the grass-roots level, especially those in remote areas, more access to good medical services. The reform of the medical and health system will be deepened, and tasks such as building a modern hospital management system implemented to further relieve the difficulties and high cost of getting medical services.

Premier Li stressed all regions and departments should spend more efforts to develop the medical and health industry, promote a good social atmosphere of respecting medical staff members and prioritizing the industry, accelerate the pace of building a healthy China, and better guard the people’s life security and health.

Vice-Premier Sun Chunlan and State Councilor Xiao Jie also attended the event.

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