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Princely Brothers: Mancheng Han Dynasty Tomb and Dayunshan Han Dynasty Tomb

Updated: Sep 1, 2021 Print
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Presented here is an online exhibition “Princely Brothers: Mancheng Han Dynasty Tomb and Dayunshan Han Dynasty Tomb” jointly launched by the Nanjing Museum and the Hebei Museum. The "Princely Brothers" refers to Liu Sheng (165-113 BC), the king of the Zhongshan State in Mancheng, and Liu Fei (168-128 BC), the king of the Jiangdu State at Dayunshan Mountain, two vassal Kings in the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC- AD 24). There are a total of 250 exhibition pieces and cultural relics covering four themes: “ Princely Power”, “Royal Rituals”, “Funeral Culture” and “Dream of Immortality”, among which over 90 percent are priceless or classified as national treasures, like the gilt bronze figure-shaped Changxin Palace Lamp, and the jade clothes stitched with gold thread prepared for the newly-deceased royals.

This exhibition reflects the rich culture and living conditions of vassal kings under the reigns of Emperors Jing (r. 156-141 BC) and Wu (r. 140-87 BC) during the Western Han Dynasty, epitomizing the ceremonial life of the princes of the Han and the civilizational heights reached during the dynasty.

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