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Health tips during floods

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I. What should you do to prevent epidemics after floods?

1. Take care of your diet. Drink boiled water and eat cooked food.

2. Clean up the debris as soon as possible.

3. Disinfect the environment and eradicate flies, mosquitoes and rats under the guidance of related authorities.

4. Maintain environmental sanitation to prevent the occurrence and spread of diseases.

II. How to maintain environmental hygiene and prevent the spread of diseases?

1. Protect water sources. Do not build toilets or poultry houses near water sources.

2. Do not urinate or defecate indiscriminately.

3. Don't litter. Put the garbage in the designated place.

4. Clean up stagnant water. Remove feces and garbage to reduce the breeding of mosquitoes and flies.

5. Dispose of animal carcasses by deep burial or incineration.

III. Why attention should be paid to drinking water hygiene after floods?

During floods, water sources are easily polluted by bacteria, viruses, parasites, and factory chemicals. Drinking or using such water in daily life may lead to sickness and acute and chronic chemical poisoning. Therefore, special attention should be paid to drinking water sanitation in flood-stricken areas.

IV. How to pay attention to drinking water hygiene?

1. Do not drink unboiled water. Drink boiled water or bottled water that meets hygienic standards.

2. Keep the water supply site away from feces, garbage and sewage.

3. Contaminated water that has been collected for domestic usage must be clarified and disinfected.

4. Water tanks, buckets, pots and basins must be kept clean and often emptied for cleaning.

5. Temporary water sources must be disinfected.

V. Health tips for food hygiene

1. Wash your hands before and after using the toilet. Separate raw and cooked foods.

2. Meat and aquatic products should be cooked thoroughly. Do not eat uncooked aquatic products.

3. Wash raw fruits and vegetables with clean water before eating them. Eat as few cold food as possible.

4. Do not eat spoiled, moldy and contaminated food. Do not eat food that has been exposed to sewage.

5. Don't eat livestock that died of disease or drowning.

6. Leftovers should be heated thoroughly before eating.

VI. Tips for prevention and eradication of flies

1. Temporary toilets should be built during floods. Do not urinate or defecate indiscriminately.

2. Use fly swatters indoors. Use fly covers to cover food.

3. Animal carcasses must be buried deeply and the soil must be tamped down.

VII. Tips for disease prevention

1. Try to prevent sleeping outdoors. If you have to, use mosquito nets and mosquito repellents to prevent bites.

2. Eradicate rats. Do not eat food that has been bitten by rats.

3. Minimize the time of soaking in water to prevent mosquito bites and various skin infections.

4. Do not bathe or fish in water that may contain sewage. Avoid contact with infected water to prevent schistosomiasis.

5. Minimize sun exposure. Ensure ventilation and prevent heatstroke.

6. Seek medical advice immediately if you have diarrhea, fever or other disorders.


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