The rising 'he' economy

Updated: Jul 14, 2021 Print
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Do you know that in 2020, males accounted for 30 percent of China's medical aesthetics consumers? Do you know that they spent 7,025 yuan ($1,086) on average on medical aesthetics, 2.75 times of that of female consumers?

With consumption resumption and upgrade, medical aesthetics, as a newly-emerged consumption sector, has been growing rapidly. Interestingly, men are found to be a rising consumption group of medical aesthetics.

If you are interested in what kind of medical aesthetics men prefer, and how do they try medical aesthetics in a safe way, follow China Daily reporter Zheng Yiran and check them out!

Reporter: Zheng Yiran

Intern: Ma Bingying

Video editors: Zhao Shiyue and Zhao Tingting

Supervisors: Zhang Chunyan, Lu Haoting and Wang Zhuoqiong

Producer: Wang Yu


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