A cosmos of stitching: Minority group embroidery arts

Embroidery of the Zhuang ethnic group

Updated: Jun 24, 2021 Print
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The working process of a Zhuang embroidery work [Photos/IC]

Indigenous to the Zhuang ethnic group communities, this art has its most flourishing schools in Longzhou county and Chengguan town in South China's Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region. The works are usually done on black, purplish red or deep green backgrounds with such patterns as dragons, phoenixes, lions, butterflies, flowers, birds, humans and abstract symbols carrying auspicious meanings. Boasting lively designs and vivid colors, they are finished by flat, winding and filling stitches and adorn shoes, hats, curtains, cushions, pouches, stomachers and costumes of the local opera.

Zhuang back sling (a device in which a mother carries her infant child while doing daily chores or farm work) embroidery is popular in Tian’e and Longzhou areas. It features patterns of small embroidered traditional motifs such as dragons, phoenixes and peonies in triangle, fan and rhombus shapes.

A Zhuang folk artist with her beautiful work.
An ongoing Zhuang embroidery work featuring traditional auspicious motifs


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