Voice echoes with nature

Updated: Jun 21, 2021 Print
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A-minor, an a cappella group from the Inner Mongolia Art Theater, have won the golden prize in the public group singing competition at the 2021 11th World Peace Choir Festival, which was held on June 12. There were more than 340 choruses from 55 countries taking part in this competition.

Established in 2016, A-minor consists of six young members, all from the Mongolian ethnic group.

“A cappella performance is known for unaccompanied and pure vocal singing imitating instrumental sounds. We infuse the Mongolian traditional long tune (Urtiin Duu) and throat singing (Khoomei) with it, which is also our biggest attraction,” said Cholmon, the leader of A-minor. “What we sing is not only the notes and harmonies, but it is also about nature. We hope our singing can entertain more people and invoke the beauty of the grassland.”

Watch the video to enjoy an intriguing a cappella performance of Father’s Grassland, Mother’s River by A-minor.

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