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Updated: Jun 17, 2021 Print
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Tsinghua University Art Museum: Blind boxes of national treasures
If you like collecting blind boxes, these national treasure-themed boxes released by the Tsinghua University Art Museum may be right up your street! Taken from the top-level collections of Xi’an Museum and the Shaanxi History Museum and scaled right down, the mini artifacts will help you recall the stories and the history behind the original pieces, as you gaze at them on your desk or bookshelves.

The Tsinghua University Art Museum rolls out blind boxes of national treasures. [Photo/Official Taobao shop page of the Tsinghua University Art Museum]
The Tsinghua University Art Museum launches a series of blind boxes full of miniature cultural relics. [Photo/Official Taobao shop page of the Tsinghua University Art Museum]

Guanfu Museum: Blind boxes of Guanfu cats

Six cat-themed blind boxes designed by the Guanfu Museum [Photo/Official Tmall shop page of the Guanfu Museum]

The curator of Guanfu Museum, who likes cats very much, has kept many homeless cats in the museum. Consequently, the Guanfu Museum has launched six cat-themed blind boxes to represent its six attractive cats. Each cat is sitting in a beautiful ancient bowl and is holding a cultural relic, including a sword or chessboard from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), and a bronze mirror from the Jin Dynasty (1115-1234). Which cat is your favorite?

Palace Museum: Blind boxes of cats
As the lovely cats living in the Palace Museum in Beijing attract many visitors, the museum has launched 12 cute cat-themed blind boxes, featuring cats in different costumes inspired both by the museum’s collection items and the different beasts that sit on the roof ridge of the museum’s watchtower. What’s more, every blind box symbolizes an auspicious meaning. There are two cats designed in unknown styles. Why not get one to bring you good luck?

The Palace Museum launches 12 cute cat-themed blind boxes. [Photo/Official Taobao shop page of the Palace Museum]

Shaanxi History Museum: Blind boxes of bronze ware
As blind boxes are gaining popularity among young people in China, the Shaanxi History Museum has weighed in and rolled out blind boxes based on eight bronze ware pieces from its collections, including a bronze phoenix, a bronze owl, and a bronze eagle. Select one of these cute items to decorate your desk or give it to your friend as a wonderful gift!

The Shaanxi History Museum rolls out blind boxes based on eight bronze wares from its collections. [Official Tmall shop page of the Shaanxi History Museum]

Henan Museum: “Archaeology” blind boxes
Would you like to experience the archaeologist’s sense of achievement after digging out cultural relics? The Hunan Museum has released a series of “archaeology” blind boxes filled with real soil from the ancient tombs on Mangshan Mountain in Henan province. Compared with traditional blind boxes, these novel products are made with the same materials as the actual artifacts, such as bronze, potteries, and jade. But they are not expensive. Each of them only costs between 70 yuan ($10.93) and 90 yuan!

“Archaeology” blind boxes rolled out by the Henan Museum [Photos/IC]

Sanxingdui Museum: Blind boxes with the elements of Sichuan culture
The Sanxingdui Museum in Sichuan province just launched its blind boxes! Integrating elements of Sichuan culture in the designs, including face-changing opera, Sichuan tea culture, Sichuan-style embroidery and card games, the blind boxes feature figures with signature Sangxinggui bronze faces engaged in local cultural activities.

New blind boxes are released by the Sanxingdui Museum. [Photos/Official WeChat account of the Sanxingdui Museum]

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