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Zhoukoudian National Archaeological Site Park

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Zhoukoudian National Archaeological Site Park

Address: 1 Zhoukoudian Street, Fangshan district, Beijing
9 am - 4:30 pm (April 1 - October 31, no entry after 4 pm)
9 am – 4 pm (November 1 - March 31, no entry after 3:30 pm)
General admission: 30 yuan ($4.67)
Tel: (+86-10)69301278

The entrance of the Zhoukoudian Site [Photos/]

Located 50 kilometers southwest of Beijing, the Zhoukoudian Site is home to 27 fossil sites of high academic value discovered by systematic excavation since 1927. Zhoukoudian features the richest connotations, the most complete material and the highest research value among the world’s human sites dating back to the Pleistocene. Meanwhile, it also showcases nearly 100,000 pieces of stone tools consciously made and used by Peking Man (Homo erectus pekinensis), hundreds of kinds of mammal fossils and abundant fire-use traces. The evidence of uses of fire here are the most credible as the ash layers can be six meters thick, which pushes back the origins of fire use to 400 to 500 thousand years ago.

Focusing on the site preservation, the archaeological park integrates the roles of research, science popularization education and tourist attraction. Its simple and lively designs not only effectively protect all the sites, but also make for a harmonious unity with the surroundings.

The discovery site of the first skull-cap of Peking Man in 1929


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