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Starting from April 19, a documentary about four architect masters – Mao Yisheng, Liang Sicheng, Yang Tingbao and Zhan Tianyou, will be released on major provincial TV stations around China, as well as streaming media platforms. The series is sponsored by Country Garden Group.

Century Masters is China's first large-scale biographical documentary series focusing on outstanding masters in the 20th century, and has been listed as one of the key projects of the "14th Five-Year Plan" documentaries issued by the National Radio and Television Administration.

Architectural art is an important carrier of Chinese culture. As the opening work of Century Master's second season, the episodes focus on Mao Yisheng, Liang Sicheng, Yang Tingbao and Zhan Tianyou, four pioneers and founders of architectural engineering in modern China.

The documentary shows the development of modern Chinese architecture and the evolution of architectural culture to the audience, revealing the trait, style, charm and elegance of Chinese culture.

The four architectural masters in the film have made outstanding contributions to the protection of historical and cultural cities and the inheritance of Chinese architecture, and their craftsmanship and patriotism have won the admiration of the world.

During 18 months of production, the film crew followed the footsteps of four masters in their lives, aiming to publicize the great masters of architecture to the society and promote the cultural heritage value of architectural art.

"Young people today can never imagine the time when the masters lived. They have experienced social turbulence and war in their childhood, and have a strong desire for a stable, peaceful and peaceful life when they grow up," said Bing Han, chief director of the film.

"Their generation was brought up to get an education and to serve the country," he said. "I hope to present the dreams, life experiences and working conditions of these masters, and show our audience what kind of sacrifice these masters have made to change our country. So through the documentary, we can remember them and remember their dreams," Han added.

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