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Health tips from China’s CDC during Spring Festival holiday

Updated: Feb 10, 2021 Print
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The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC) has released health tips for a safe Spring Festival holiday.

1. It is recommended to choose contactless delivery services. Clean your hands after unwrapping the outer package.

2. Remember to clean your hands after using a public pen. Providers of the pens should ensure regular replacement and disinfection.

3. Wear a mask in a shopping mall. Avoid going outside when feeling unwell.

4. Wear a mask at any crowed places or when you need to be indoors during a sightseeing tour. A mask is not necessary at outdoor places with few people.

5. Avoid dining at crowded places. Use public chopsticks when dining with others. Restaurants should maintain good and regular ventilation.

6. It is recommended to give New Year’s greetings via the internet.

7. When going to the cinema, wear a mask during the entire screening. Take alternate seats.

8. Wear a mask when taking public transport. Prepare a spare mask if traveling long distances. Replace the mask after wearing it for more than four hours or when it is visibly dirty. Wash your hands before eating. Put the mask on after eating. Try to avoid eating onboard during short trips.

9. Do household cleaning. Disinfection is not necessary. But good air circulation is recommended, so open the window three times a day, 30 minutes each time. Cold areas in the northern regions can use a fresh air system or air conditioner for ventilation.

10. Wear gloves, masks and waterproof aprons when handling live animals.

11. Meat, offal, seafood and food made of animal blood should be thoroughly cooked before eating. Wash your hands before dealing with cooked food, especially after processing raw and fresh ingredients. Raw and cooked food should be marked and kept in the refrigerator. Knives and chopping boards for raw and cooked food should not be mixed.


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