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Tips for patients and medical institutions for TB control amid COVID-19

Updated: Feb 5, 2021 Print
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Tuberculosis (TB) patients should pay attention to personal protection and carefully follow appropriate medical treatment.

1. Keep safe social distance. Try to avoid going outside and contacting others.

2. Wash hands with soap frequently.

3. Do not touch face, nose or eyes with unwashed hands.

4. Avoid close contact with people who are physically sick.

5. Receive TB medical treatment in strict accordance with the doctor's advice.

6. Minimize hospital visits. It is recommended to keep in touch with doctors and medical institutions over the phone or via the internet.

7. Wear a mask. Pay attention to daily personal hygiene. Use hand sanitizer. Disinfect the surface of objects that were touched. Tissue used should be discarded properly.

TB medical institutions should adopt flexible methods to ensure treatment and make plans in response to emergencies amid the epidemic.

1. Medical institutions should avoid face-to-face communication with TB patients and their contacts.

2. Make sure that TB patients have stored up enough medicine for months at home.

3. Use proper digital tools to assist TB follow-up treatment based on local conditions.

4. Make sure that TB patients receive necessary psychosocial, nutritional and financial support.

5. Make sure that TB healthcare workers are fully accredited and have necessary personal protective equipment.

6. Switch to injection-free treatment for drug-resistant TB patients.

7. Make sure that there is an appropriate system in place to remotely monitor TB patients for side effects and minimize hospital visits.

8. Make plans in advance for drug procurement and transport to ensure supply of TB medicine.

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