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Tenglong Cave Scenic Area, Hubei province Print
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Tenglong Cave Scenic Area, Hubei province
(腾龙洞景区 hú běi shěng ēn shī zhōu téng lóng dòng jǐng qū)

Location: Lichuan city, Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous prefecture, Hubei province
Websites: (Cn) (En)
Scenic Spot Level: AAAAA
Opening Hours:
Ticket Price:
General admission:68 yuan($10.51)/person

1. Children under 1.2 meters (exclusive) in height and senior citizens aged 70 and above can enter free of charge.
2. Half-price concessions are available for students above 1.2 meters in height, people aged between 60 and 70, full-time university undergraduates and primary and secondary school students.

The Tenglong Cave in Central China’s Hubei province [Photo/IC]

Located in Central China’s Hubei province and covering 69 square kilometers, the Tenglong Cave Scenic Area depends on its majestic, steep, odd and sophisticated landscape as well as its innovative performing art resources to form a multi-level and multi-type tourism system.

With a length of 59.8 kilometers and an area of more than two million square meters, the five layers of the Tenglong Cave make up the largest cave system in China and one of the world's super caves. In this mysterious attraction there are five peaks, 10 chambers, and more than 10 underground waterfalls. The stalactites in the cave are well developed, and the pillars, stalagmites, and flat areas of the cave go with them to create a fabulous landscape. The 400-kilometer long Qingjiang River dramatically plunges more than 30 meters when it flows through the cave’s entrance.

Taking advantage of the large space available the scenic spot has built the world's largest original ecological cave theatre where it stages an original Tujia live-action performance every day. The show presents the essence of Tujia ethnic culture that has thrived in the Tenglong Cave scenic area, describing the arduous struggles of Tujia ancestors who fought against the inhospitable environment, as well as Tujia ethnic customs.

Actors stage an original Tujia live-action performance. [Photo/IC]

China’s only comprehensive laser show Dragon Rising to the Sky (Tenglong Feitian) is also performed in the cave, presenting beautiful and unforgettable scenes for tourists through high technologies. These two performances in the Tenglong Cave make the intangible cultural heritage and the world-class natural landscape complement each other. Meanwhile, thanks to favorable physical conditions, the Tenglong Cave is a leisure and summer resort for tourists from home and abroad.

China’s only comprehensive laser show Dragon Rising to the Sky (Tenglong Feitian) is performed in the cave. [Photo/IC]

Last Updated: Jan 18, 2021

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