Poverty Alleviation

Berries, the govt and internet lift woman, others out of poverty

Updated: Jan 16, 2021 Print
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Talking about how the little, red goji berries changed her life, Wang Hangdi, a woman from Hongsibu of Wuzhong city, Northwest China's Ningxia Hui autonomous region, has a lot to say.

Wang is an entrepreneur who turned Ningxia's most celebrated local specialty product into her calling card while leaving behind poverty with the help of the government and an effective tool: the internet.

"When I moved here, there were times when I didn't have a single yuan in my pocket," said Wang," But last year I recorded an income of hundreds of thousands of yuan. "

With the help of government and the fast-developing internet, not only Wang Hangdi and her family now live a happy life, but the lives of local people in Hongsibu have changed, too. Check out the video to learn more about their stories.

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