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Tips for crayfish consumption

Updated: Sep 22, 2020 Print
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1. Buy crayfish from regular sources. Buy fresh crayfish through regular agricultural produce markets, supermarkets or e-commerce platforms, and do not buy or catch wild crayfish from unknown sources.

2. Dine in a regular restaurant. Choose a restaurant with a food business license and ask for an invoice or receipt.

3. Clean crayfish before cooking. The dirt in the crayfish gills should be removed. It is best to cut off the gills. The shells and the roots of the claws should be cleaned with a brush.

4. The crayfish must be cooked thoroughly. Avoid overeating at one time.

5. If you have general or local muscle pain, soy sauce colored (tea colored) urine or other symptoms within 24 hours after eating crayfish, seek medical attention right away and inform the doctor of what you have eaten that day.


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