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Women's federation in SE China's Fujian province facilitates childcare, poverty relief

Updated: Aug 24, 2020 Women of China Print
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The Women's Federation of Shunchang county, Nanping city, southeast China's Fujian province, built a Children's Home near its poverty-alleviation workshop to help female workers look after their children. The service gained support from a local industrial park and a household item manufacturer, and it is expected to ease the female workers' worries about their kids who are left at home when they work, according to Zheng Bijing, President of Women's Federation of Shunchang county.

"Every morning I take my son to the workshop after doing housework. He has fun in the Children's Home with many peers and is looked after by two village officials, so there's no need to worry about him. After work, I go back home with him. I feel very happy with this daily routine," said Lian Fang, a worker at the poverty-alleviation workshop.

The workshop mainly processes products such as pillows and file bags. It has attracted many women since its establishment for the flexible working hours.

"I had been unable to find a suitable job because of an early illness that crippled my leg. Although there are policies that have helped me get out of poverty, I also want to work hard to make my life better," said a low-income villager in Zhengfang Town, who suffers from a bone disease and had not worked for more than 10 years.

"The workshop offered me a job that allows me to make money while looking after my family," the villager added.

At present, more than 40 women villagers work in the workshop, earning a maximum monthly income of more than 3,000 yuan ($433.6).

"This has made it possible for rural women to find jobs at their doorsteps, earn money in their hometown, support the elderly, take care of their children and steadily increase their income," said Zheng.

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