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COVID-19 prevention measures for cinemas, theaters and game centers in low-risk regions

Updated: Jul 3, 2020 Print
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On May 7, the State Council issued the Guideline on Conducting COVID-19 Prevention and Control on an Ongoing Basis. According to the document, areas with a low epidemic risk are allowed to reopen confined venues such as cinemas, theaters and game centers.

However, there is a precondition: These places must fully implement a full range of COVID-19 prevention and control measures due to their relatively higher risk of spreading the virus.

At the same time, if the area where these venues are located is reclassified as a medium/high-risk area, they must immediately close again.

For those low-risk areas planning to reopen these confined venues, they must implement the following six important measures for epidemic prevention and control.

First, prepare medical supplies, including face masks, hand sanitizers and disinfectants, and make a suitable emergency plan.

Second, monitor the health of their staff, who must all wear masks and clean their hands at regular intervals while working.

Third, all the staff and customers entering the venue should have their body temperature taken. Nobody with an abnormal body temperature will be allowed to enter.

Fourth, ensure adequate ventilation and air exchange to the fullest possible extent, and use air conditioning scientifically and reasonably.

Fifth, clean and disinfect all public facilities, especially those used frequently, including the surface of seats, 3D glasses and armrests.

Sixth, a reservation system should be adopted, and the number of personnel should be strictly controlled; the time people spend in the closed environment should be shortened as much as possible. The guideline stipulates that the time spent in a closed environment should be less than two hours.

In addition, the general protective measures should continue to be implemented, such as wearing face masks, cleaning hands, keeping a one-meter distance and using non-contact payment so as to minimize risks to the fullest extent.

Note: The transcript is from the press conference held by the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council on June 19. In case of any dispute over a discrepancy, the Chinese version is deemed to prevail.


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