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Alshaa League Poplar Forest Scenic Area, Inner Mongolia autonomous region

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Alshaa League Poplar Forest Scenic Area, Inner Mongolia autonomous region
(阿拉善盟胡杨林旅游区ā lā shàn méng hú yáng lín lǚ yóu qū)

Location: Dalaihubu town, Ejine Banner, Alshaa League, Inner Mongolia autonomous region
Scenic Spot Level: AAAAA
Opening Hours: 8:00-18:00
Ticket Price:
Scenic spot: 150 yuan ($21.59)/person
Badaoqiao Desert Scenic Area: 50 yuan/person
Shuttle bus (round trip of 45 km): 40 yuan/person

1. The best time to enjoy the golden poplars (populus euphratica) is from late September to mid-October, and the best date is generally around Oct 5.
2. The specific date that the poplar leaves turn yellow varies from year to year. Generally, the leaves will turn yellow earlier with sufficient rain. Please get in touch with the local tourism authority in advance for the specific date of the Poplar Festival.
3. If you visit the poplar forest during Oct 10 to 15, you will see different sceneries with piles of golden leaves covering the ground.
4. Free facilities: medical supplies and equipment, disabled access, self-service lockers, a lounge, free newspapers and magazines, self-service charging station, drinking equipment and pay station.

The above information is for reference only. Please refer to the latest notice.

The golden leaves of Alshaa League Poplar Forest Scenic Area, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, in autumn. [Photo/Sipa]

Ejine Banner is located in Alshaa League of Inner Mongolia autonomous region, outside Badanjilin Desert. It covers 5,636 hectares (56.36 sq km). The most spectacular poplar forests in China are distributed on both sides of the Ejine River. Alshaa League Poplar Forest Scenic Area integrates the Gobi Desert, grasslands, lakes and the poplar forest to offer picturesque views of unique natural and manmade landscapes.

Spectacular autumn scenery of poplar forests alongside the Ejine River. [Photo/Sipa]

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