Preferential policies for foreign investment

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Wuhan has issued a series of policies to attract large multinational corporations and in particular those of the top 500 which have not yet settled their office at Wuhan. Meanwhile, the government encourages and guides the investment expansion of the already located multinational corporations to establish their R&D center and scientific research organs.

Ⅰ. Manufacturing Industry

  1. 2% interest reduction for the loan of key programs
  2. Special fund of 120 million RMB per year for the development of key industries
  3. Land price based on the principle of “one issue, one negotiation” and eligibility for preferential regulations and charges
  4. Preferential corporate income tax at the rate of 15% for high and new technology enterprises
  5. Reduction of 50% of the R&D cost from the corporate income before taxation
  6. Reward for foreign investment and investment expansion

Ⅱ. Headquarters Economy

  1. Joint subsidies from the municipal and district governments for the headquarters set up by foreign enterprises
  2. Special fund for the development of the headquarters economy
  3. Land use guaranteed for the headquarters enterprises
  4. Green corridor for talents of the headquarters enterprises

Ⅲ. Service Outsourcing Industry

  1. Certain reward for the offshore business of advanced outsourcing enterprises
  2. Preferential policies including special taxation on high and new technology as well as software export for service outsourcing enterprises
  3. Interest reduction for loans of service outsourcing enterprises with orders abroad
  4. Subsidies for the lease of office and land use cost
  5. Preferential policies related to talents introduction, training and rewarding for service outsourcing enterprises
  6. Talent training
  7. Encouragement for the exploration of international market
  8. Protection for intellectual property right, etc.

Ⅳ. Preferential Policies to Attract Foreign-funded Banks

  1. Certain fund reward for newly settled or immigrated financial institutions, with 10 million RMB at most
  2. Reward with 50% of the municipal retention of business tax at most in certain years since the commencement of an enterprise
  3. Reward with 100% of the municipal retention of corporate income tax at most in certain years since the profit year
  4. Recommendation of local quality financing programs
  5. Assistance for family location and children education of senior executives
  6. Priority on visa obtaining
  7. “One-stop” service for issues including register and entry of financial institutions

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