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A letter to all foreign friends coming to Shanxi

Updated: Mar 12, 2020 wsb.shanxi.gov.cn Print

Dear friends,

Under the firm leadership of the Central Government and with the support of the international community, Shanxi province, together with other parts of China, has taken the most comprehensive, thorough and strict prevention and control measures to fight against COVID-19. As of March 6, 2020, there had been no new confirmed cases in Shanxi province for eleven consecutive days.

We always attach great importance to the safety and health of foreign friends in Shanxi. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, regional service hotlines have been available to provide multilingual epidemic information and consulting services, and priorities have been placed over helping foreign friends overcome the difficulties in medical treatment and daily life. Therefore, most foreign friends feel relieved to live and work in Shanxi.

COVID-19 is the common enemy of humankind. In this globalized world, the epidemic may spread at an unprecedented rate. At present, COVID-19 has hit many countries, showing a tendency of unexpected and rapid outbreaks. The situation is now aggravating in some countries, while cross-border transmission is becoming an increasing global concern. The whole world is facing a grim situation.

While disease respects no national boundaries, health can be protected with concerted efforts. The international community needs to unite as one, stay alert, and fight together. We will continue to ramp up efforts in regional joint prevention and control of COVID-19, take necessary measures to defuse the risks of cross-border spread of the epidemic, and make due contribution to winning a decisive victory in the global epidemic prevention war.

Hence, the following instructions are given to all foreign friends who intend to come to study, work, reside and do business in Shanxi.

1. Following the prevention and control measures for epidemic situation in Shanxi, differentiated prevention and control services will be carried out for countries and regions with different severity of the epidemic, with health check and management services being the basic. Foreign friends will be equally treated as Chinese nationals and full considerations will be given to your reasonable concerns. Necessary facilitation and assistance will be timely provided. All are expected to fully understand and cooperate, jointly prevent the risks from the epidemic, and protect the health and safety of yourselves and others.

2. Please strengthen self-protection, try to stay indoors and avoid crowds, and do not gather or dine together. Masks must be worn properly when going out. Used masks should be disposed off in accordance with the regulations. Maintain good personal hygiene habits, keep your residence clean, and properly open windows for ventilation. Avoid any contact with any wildlife or poultry, reduce cold food and take cooked food, and drink plenty of boiled water. Measure your body temperature on a regular basis. In case of such symptoms as fever, cough, chest tightness and fatigue, you must wear a mask and go to the designated medical institutions for treatment.

3. Please stay tuned to the official WeChat account "jksxgw" and the official website of Health Commission of Shanxi Province (http://wjw.shanxi.gov.cn). There you can have access to the official information bulletins on the epidemic, and keep abreast of the briefings and contact information of the designated hospitals, relevant epidemic prevention and control measures, and important announcements.

Sincere thanks for your understanding, cooperation and support for the epidemic prevention and control in Shanxi. We will try our best to help solve your difficulties and problems. If you have any questions during your stay in Shanxi, please feel free to contact us by phone:

1. Foreign Affairs Office of Shanxi Provincial People's Government


2. Foreign Affairs Office of Taiyuan Municipal People's Government



3. Foreign Affairs Office of Datong Municipal People's Government



4. Foreign Affairs Office of Shuozhou Municipal People's Government


5. Foreign Affairs Office of Xinzhou Municipal People's Government


18634642340 (English)

18735057998 (Japanese)

6. Foreign Affairs Office of Lvliang Municipal People's Government




7. Foreign Affairs Office of Jinzhong Municipal People's Government


8. Foreign Affairs Office of Yangquan Municipal People's Government



9. Foreign Affairs Office of Changzhi Municipal People's Government



10. Foreign Affairs Office of Jincheng Municipal People's Government


11. Foreign Affairs Office of Linfen Municipal People's Government


12. Foreign Affairs Office of Yuncheng Municipal People's Government




Foreign Affairs Office of Shanxi Provincial People's Government

March 7,2020

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