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Health tips for arrivals from overseas

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Dear all, welcome to Tianjin!

For the health of yourself and others, please cooperate with our management according to the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Diseases, International Health Regulations and other relevant laws and regulations.

We kindly remind you that:

If you have such suspicious symptoms as fever, fatigue and cough, please report to our staff, and receive treatment in isolation at designated medical institutions. If you havecontacted with COVID-19 patients or have taken public transportation where there were fever cases, please conduct centralized isolation for at least 14 days, and we will provide daily necessities and medical service for you.

If you come from an epidemic country/region but without the above-mentioned experience, please besubject to home isolation for medical observation. Hereby,we wish to bring the following measures to your special attention:

First, self-observation.Please pay attention to your health during the self-observation period. Take your temperature twice a day, and inform your community authority.

Second,self-prevention. Please give yourself a break regularly and ensure balanced nutrition to keep your immunity in good condition. Stay home instead of gathering and going out. Avoid contact with relatives and friends to be responsible for their health with the most cautious heart.

Third, self-report.Please seek prompt medical attention at the fever clinic of a nearby hospital and inform the doctor of your travel or contact history if you have symptoms of fever, fatigue and cough.

If you come to Tianjin and stay here only for a short time as a tourist, a visitor or on your business or survey trip, or in transit from the city, without permanent residence and occupation in Tianjin, please cooperate with the hotel you stay in for health monitoring.

If you have any difficulties and problems in Tianjin, please call us on the 24-hour hotline at 022-58368675.

Thank you for your support. Let us join hands to fight the epidemic and share a healthy Tianjin!

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