China's Film-makers Depict Winter

Jinpa (2018)

Updated: Feb 18, 2020 Print
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Jinpa (2018)

IMDb rating: 6.7/10

Jinpa (Zhuang Si Le Yi Zhi Yang, literally “I ran over a sheep”) is a 2018 Chinese Tibetan-language film written and directed by Pema Tseden.

Jinpa, distressed at having accidentally run over a sheep, comes across a young man who is hitching a ride. The traveler, also named Jinpa, is on his way to avenge his father’s death. Thus begins the movie, a story of revenge and redemption.

Bathed in romantic lighting and saturated colors, the film is filled with beautiful compositions. [Photo/still frame of Jinpa]
Jinpa is probably the most distinctly stylish Tibetan road movie in recent years. [Photo/movie poster]

Many people consider Tibet to be covered by ice and snow all year round, so that winter is not a good season to visit. However, according to experienced travelers, the average temperature of Tibet in winter is about 12 degrees Celcius and can be even higher in the daytime because of intense sunlight.

In Lhasa, the average sunshine time in winter is around nine hours per day, warmer than Beijing. [Photo/Sipaphoto]

Winter is the best season to view the clear blue sky and snow-capped mountains which are blocked by the wet air in monsoon season. It is also the unique time to watch the graceful black-necked cranes.

With fewer tourists, you can explore this mysterious land at your own pace. Since there are more pilgrims visiting Lhasa from other regions and many important festivals during this period, you can find a more authentic Tibet in winter and even celebrate the festivals with local Tibetans.

What’s more, as hotels and airlines have lowered prices it is now more economical for you to travel to Tibet in winter.

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