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Perhaps Love (2005)

Updated: Feb 18, 2020 Print
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Perhaps Love (2005)

IMDb rating: 6.8/10

Perhaps Love is a 2005 musical film directed by Peter Chan. The film was submitted by Hong Kong as its official entry for the 2006 Academy Awards. It closed the Venice Film Festival in 2005.

The story is of a movie director, Nie Wen (Jacky Cheung), who is going through a crisis. The local press accuses him of selling out to offshore money and being forced to use a Hong Kong male star. More to the point, that star, Lin Jiandong (Takeshi Kaneshiro), is an old flame of the movie’s female lead, Sun Na (Zhou Xun), Nie’s protege and great love.

Sun is frosty when she meets Lin, and denies she ever knew him. But flashbacks tell the audience otherwise.

The film shuttles back and forth between the present and past, mixing musical numbers from the movie being made with others in “real” life. Fearing the rebirth of his two stars’ love affair, Nie casts himself in the role of the movie’s circus manager, and “real” life and the world of film become inextricably intertwined.

Sun, played by Zhou Xun, is an ice cold opportunist. Zhou is especially good at playing this sort of pixie-like character. [Photo/still frame of Ru Guo Ai]

The first musical to be produced in China in over forty years, Ru Guo Ai was filmed in Beijing and Shanghai.

One of the classic scenes of the film is shot at a frozen river under Beijing’s Andingmen Bridge. [Photo/still frame of Ru Guo Ai]

Strolling around the ancient leafy parks in spring, boating over the rippling lake at the royal palace in summer, hiking up to the reddish Xiangshan Hill in autumn, tourists in Beijing are captured by the city’s beauty all year round, and winter asks a question of every brave explorer: Is Beijing cold and lifeless in winter?

The answer is, it is beautiful, dry, snow-covered, less busy and commercially active. You will meet fewer crowds in the scenic areas (except for the Chinese Lunar New Year).

Visitors take photos of beautiful snowscapes at the Forbidden City in Beijing. [Photo/Xinhua]

Besides visiting many scenic spots in Beijing such as the Great Wall, Forbidden City and the Summer Palace, and many other sites which can be visited without seasonal preference, visitors are also recommended to try some special outdoor winter activities, like skiing.

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