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Beicai Meat Skin Soup

As a signature dish, Beicai meat skin soup is sticky and delicious. Dehua Restaurant is the most popular restaurant to craft the soup, although meat skin soup can also be easily found in the Liu Li Qiao, Yan Jia Qiao, San Lin Tang and Beicai areas.

Meat balls, fish balls, egg rolls, ham and winter bamboo shoots compliment the soup along with yellow wine, onion, ginger, salt, monosodium glutamate (MSG), essential oils, lard and consomme.

Fry the meat skin first, rinse it in water and then fry it again. In this way, the meat skin forms honeycombed in appearance and delivers sticky fragrance.

Dehua Restaurant, run by a descendant of Zhang Dehua, is located at No 850 Beicai Road.

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