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Lanzhou beef noodles: a mouthwatering experience

Updated: Nov 12, 2019 Print
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Lanzhou beef noodles.[Photo provided to]

Lanzhou beef noodles (also known as Lanzhou clear-soup beef noodles), one of the 10 best-rated noodles in China, is a specialty of Lanzhou city, Gansu province.

Known for "clear soup like mirror, well-stewed beef, and finely-pulled noodles" and "clear [soup], white [radish], red [chili oil], green [coriander and garlic sprouts], and yellow [noodles]", Lanzhou beef noodles are popular in China and across the world.

The dish has been acknowledged as a Top 3 Chinese-style fast food by the China Cuisine Association and earned a reputation as "China's Top Noodles".

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