Children's health and relief funds

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Special Fund for Amblyopic Children

The fund provides aid to Amblyopic children in poverty-stricken areas and help restore their vision.

Donation standard: Every 5,000-yuan-donation can help one child to cure amblyopia (covering the cost for examination and treatment, as well as the child and his or her parents' accommodation during therapy).

Wisdom-inspiring Fund

The fund provides treatment and rehabilitation assistance for those children with cerebral palsy in poverty-stricken regions.

Donation standard: We provide 20,000 yuan to each child who needs operation and 10,000 yuan to each child who is in rehabilitation treatment.

Special Fund of Relief for Hearing Impaired Children

We help children aged under 18 to regain hearing ability by donating cochlear implants.

Donation standard: Every 100,000 yuan is provided to cover the expense for the cochlear implantation operation (including the cochlear implant ) and rehabilitation training for one child.

Special Fund of Vitiligo Relief for Teenagers

The fund provides medical aid to children with vitiligo in poor areas to help them recover from the illness.

Donation standard: We provide 3,000 yuan to each child patient for each course of treatment.

Special Fund for Beautiful Sonic

The fund aims to aid children aged under 7 to regain from poor families with congenital hearing impairment and help them restore hearing.

Yirui Charitable Fund

The fund aims to provide free rehabilitation assistance for those cerebral palsy children of China Children's Welfare Home and cerebral palsy children with their family annual income less than 30,000 yuan.

Special Fund for Spinal Health

The program has set up spine physical examination centers nationwide, which aims to provide free spine physical examination for primary and secondary school students throughout the country.

Eradicating Anemia among Infants

The program aims to improve the nutritional state of children in the rural areas, upgrade the health quality of children in the poverty-stricken regions, and reduce infant anemia by providing nutritional packages to poverty-stricken counties in western regions.

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