Children's Safety Program

Updated: Nov 7, 2019 Print
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Background of the program

Accident events such as natural disasters, traffic accidents have occurred frequently. Weak safety consciousness and poor knowledge of self-protection often lead to threats to the life safety and physical and mental health for children. It's a shared responsibility for the whole society to pay special attention to the health and safety of children. The program aims to gather social resources and arouse the whole society to pay attention on emergency education. In order to better promote healthy and safe growth of children, the project has carried out a series of propagation, education and training activities and has upgraded safety facilities and improve the emergency skills for children and safety management level of relevant places.

Purpose of the program

The implementation of Children's Safety Program will gather social strength of love and arouse care and concerns of the whole society to the children emergency education. By carrying out a series of propaganda and popularization activities, education training, and software and hardware improvement measures, the program will improve children's safety emergency knowledge and the safety management level of related places, so as to promote children and teenagers' growth safely and healthily.

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