Erqi Theater

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Erqi Theater

Address: 15 Erqijuchang Road, Xicheng District, Beijing
Telephone: (+86-10) 51661862

The auditorium of the Erqi Theatre [Photo/Official Weibo account of the Erqi Theatre]

The old Erqi Theater, built in 1959, was named after the memorial day of the Beijing-Hankou Railway Workers Strike in 1923, the first labor movement led by the Communist Party of China, which ended in violent crackdown by the warlord Wu Peifu. The theater was officially opened on February 7, 1960 to become one of the eight major theaters of Beijing.

The new Erqi Theater has three floors above and below the ground, and embraces a construction area of 25,443 square meters. Its 2,356 square meters of roof greeninghas turned the top of the theater into a sky garden.

The theater hall covers 940 square meters, being43.4 meters wide and 12 meters deep and having a net height of 11.5 meters. The stacked veranda and curved decorative wall constitute a designthat facilitates thespacious visual effects forthe audience.

The theater auditorium covers an area of 1,690 square meters with a total of 1,215 seats, including 4 barrier-free seats. The theater stage, covering 1,379 square meters, is built in a triangle arrangement, and fixed with a symphony orchestra lifting pool that can accommodate about 50 people. In the theater, there are 15 dressing rooms, whichcan be usedby 146 people at a time, and four rehearsal halls designed for song and dance, vocal performance, acrobatics and drama.

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