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Phrases that teachers and parents should not use in campus bullying

Updated: Nov 1, 2019 By Zhang Zhouxiang China Daily Print
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[Jin Ding/China Daily]

A movie Better Days, which tells the story of a female high school student who suffers from campus bullying, has aroused hot discussion about campus violence since it was released in cinemas on Oct 25. China Daily writer Zhang Zhouxiang lists a few phrases that teachers and parents should avoid in saying when children are victims of bullying:

To the child who is being bullied, do not say “It is a joke” or “The offender means no harm”. Bullying can include verbal violence as well as physical attacks and sexual violence.

To the bullying child/ren, do not say “The victim has faults, too”. Sometimes quarrels and conflicts are aroused by certain incidents, but sometimes they just rise out of nothing. In quite a few cases, a child is bullied only because he/she looks weak in strength or character.

To the public, do not say “The offender is just a child” or “The children are just being naughty”. A young age does not necessarily mean innocence and there are many cases in which a young pupil attacks his/her classmates. Violence is violence and age should never excuse an evil deed.

To the police, do not say “It is a private or personal matter”. All violence should be curbed, and the policemen are an essential force for preventing violence. When a child suffers from violence on campus, the most effective way of stopping it is to call the police and let the professionals put an end to it.

Especially, in China the role of the police is not only to enforce law, but also to educate the public about the law so that they will refrain from breaking it again. When the teacher cannot properly educate violent pupils, the police might prove a more authoritative voice.

To the judge in court, do not say “There was no significant harm done”. According to data from United Nations Education, Science, and Culture Organization, over 32 percent of male pupils and 28 percent of female pupils have suffered from campus violence. Experts find that permanent psychological damage can be done to the victims and some of them even have nightmares about it in their 50s or 60s.

Campuses are a place for the young, and they should be places of peace, not violence. It is necessary for all sides to take joint actions to prevent bullying on campus.

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