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Hunan province: Yuelu Mountain, Orange Island Park

Updated: Sep 25, 2019 Print
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Yuelu Mountain Scenic Spot [Photo/IC]

As an extended part of the mysterious Mount Hengshan range, Mount Yuelu covers a total area of 8 square kilometers with its highest peak 297 meters above sea level. There are also many peaks with exuberant trees and reclusive and precipitous mountain streams. Apart from the beautiful natural sceneries, Mount Yuelu is also dotted with lots of famous places and ancient relics since the Western Han Dynasty (206BC-24AD), such as Love Enjoying Pavilion, Lushan Temple, Wangxiang Pavilion, Lushan Temple, and the Monument to Emperor Yu carved in Song Dynasty, etc.

Orange Island Park

Granite sculpture of Mao Zedong on Orange Island [Photo/IC]

range Island rests in the center of the Xiangjiang River, which divides Changsha into two parts with the lush Yuelu Mount to the west and city's bustling downtown area to the east.Orange Island has long been a famed local tourist spot, yet the island has perhaps gained most attention for being a favorite leisure site for Mao Zedong. As a young man he enjoyed spending summer afternoons with friends swimming in the river, a spirit of youth that is captured wonderfully in his well-known poem Qin Yuan Chun-Changsha.The island has a number of worthwhile sightseeing spots including Wangjiang Pavillion, some colonial-style buildings from its time as a center for foreign embassies, and a large granite bust of a young Mao.

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