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Chongqing achieved remarkable economic and social development in 2018.

Review of 2018

Chongqing's economy came under new downward pressure due to complicated and challenging domestic and international environments. Its pillar industry, automobile manufacturing, in particular, was shaken by a decline in automobile sales across the country. Despite the deceleration in some fields, Chongqing's quality development still boasts a promising future.

Key economic indicators stabilized: A total of 753,000 new jobs emerged in the urban area and the surveyed unemployment rate remained stable at a comparatively low level of 4.7 percent. Import and export volume climbed by 15.9 percent compared with the previous year. Foreign direct investment soared by 43.8 percent, with the actual utilization of foreign capital reaching $10.27 billion.

Growth drivers grew rapidly: The big data and smart technology sector recorded sales volume of 464 billion yuan ($67.42 billion), up 19.2 percent year-on-year. The annual growth rates of modern manufacturing, hi-tech industries and the service sector were 13.1 percent, 13.7 percent, and 9.1 percent. Chongqing also saw a record high of 412,000 new market entities registered in the past year.

Living environment continued to improve: There were hardly any polluted waters in the downtown area while the Yangtze River's main stream in Chongqing averaged high quality. Days with good air quality totaled 316, with the average density of PM2.5 particulate matter decreasing by 11.1 percent. The average disposable incomes of urban and rural citizens increased by 8.4 percent and 9 percent. Over 95 percent of Chongqing residents were covered by endowment and healthcare insurance.

Tasks for 2019

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. Chongqing municipality is going all out to meet the following targets:

A municipal GDP of 6 percent;

Fixed asset investment and retail sales of consumer goods shall grow by about 8 percent and 7 percent, and the import and export volume shall continue to increase;

The surveyed unemployed rate shall stay at around 5.5 percent, the average disposable income of rural and urban citizens shall increase by about 8 percent, and increases in consumer prices shall be kept at around 3 percent;

To achieve the designated tasks in saving energy, cutting emissions, and lowering carbon consumption;

The municipality is doubling down on 10 prospects

1.Forecast and defuse major risks, precisely alleviate poverty, and prevent and control environmental pollution.
2.Expand and deepen reform in supply side and key sectors, such as improving the business environment and serving foreign enterprises, to boost quality development.
3.Carry out the innovation-driven development strategy and military-civilian integration plan to boost the quality development of the manufacturing industry.
4.Unlock market demands by stimulating consumption, promoting investment, attracting foreign capital and fostering the modern service industry.
5.Highlight the roles of science, education and talent by upgrading innovation platforms and implementing preferential policies.
6.Build an inland opening-up highland by playing an active role in the Belt and Road Initiative and the Yangtze River Economic Belt Strategy.
7.Continue rural revitalization by developing featured agriculture, attracting talents, incubating countryside enterprises, sharing development achievements and improving the living environment.
8.Speed up urban development by coordinating regional cooperation, upgrading fundamental infrastructure, restoring tourism resources and improving urban administration.
9.Maintain the eco-friendly development strategy, with emphasis on restoring ecology, integrating industry and ecology, and deepening reform in ecological monitoring.
10.Ensure and improve people's well-being with particular efforts in employment service and social security, promote quality development in education and healthcare, incubate cultural industries, and innovate urban administration.

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