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Overseas students make 'zongzi' to greet Dragon Boat Festival

Updated: Jun 10, 2019 Print
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To celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival, overseas students from Jimei University learn how to make zongzi, pyramid-shaped glutinous rice dumplings wrapped in reed leaves. 

A total of 140 overseas students from Jimei University made zongzi or glutinous rice dumplings to mark the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival, which falls on June 7, local media reported.

They learned to make zongzi under the instruction of a female helper at the university's dining hall. It took only a few seconds for her to finish the pyramid-shaped zongzi wrapped in reed leaves, while it was a great challenge for the students.

"So much fun!" said the expatriate students, adding that they had a wonderful time and will introduce the traditional Chinese festival to their families and friends.

Different from other hurry-scurry participants, one particular Russian girl was not only especially skilled, but also guided other students on how to make good-looking zongzi.

She said that she attended the event each year and so, making zongzi was a piece of cake for her.

This annual event highlighted a zongzi-making competition and the first place was taken by a group that made 47 zongzi in 6 minutes.

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