A province with abundant coal resources

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Population: 37,183,400 (2018)

Location: North China 

Area: 156,700 square kilometers


In 2018, Shanxi recorded a GDP of 1.68 trillion yuan ($248 billion), an increase of 6.7 percent, which is 0.1 percentage points higher than the national average, and the eighth consecutive quarter since 2017 where its economic growth was above 6 percent. The province continued to make adjustments of the industrial structure, and the primary, secondary, and tertiary sectors grew by 2.1 percent, 4.5 percent, and 8.8 percent respectively.

The agriculture sector continued to expand, as the total grain output in 2018 reached 13.8 billion kilograms, up 1.87 percent with an increase of 253 million kg over the previous year, the second highest output in history. Over the past two years, the service sector has played a prominent role in leading economic growth and its contribution to GDP growth was 71.1 percent, 45.1 percentage points higher than that of the secondary industry.

The added value of non-coal sectors saw an increase of 8.2 percent, of which the manufacturing industry accounted for 76.4 percent of Shanxi’s industrial growth. Its fixed-asset investment witnessed a sustained growth of 5.7 percent in 2018, 25.2 percentage points higher than that of the first half of 2018 and 7.3 percentage points higher than the first three quarters.

Shanxi stepped up efforts in optimizing the economic structure, and its ecological agriculture was promoted, as the total planting area for corn decreased 3.3 percent, while the area for vegetables was up 4.2 percent. The Shanxi government also continued to reduce costs of enterprises, while cutting taxes and administrative fees.

Shanxi is also moving to reduce its dependence on coal as emerging industries are taking the lead in driving industrial growth. The province closed 36 mines and cut 23.3 million tons of mining capacity in 2018. Of the coal mines that have been shut down, 19 were previously in operation with a total production capacity of 13.6 million tons and 17 were under construction with a combined 9.7 million tons of capacity.

Emerging sectors of strategic importance are also undergoing rapid growth. Of the industrial enterprises above a designated size in Shanxi, the equipment manufacturing industry saw an increase of 14.5 percent, among which telecommunication equipment manufacturing grew by 21.3 percent, the motor industry was up 21.1 percent, and the new energy equipment manufacturing industry increased 17.4 percent.

Shanxi is also witnessing an increase in its e-commerce industry. The online retail sales and express delivery industry experienced rapid growth. Its online sales of the retail above the quota increased by 27.6 percent from the previous year. Investment in new energy automotive manufacturing doubled last year, while electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing increased 2.7 times. Investment in computer communication and other electronic equipment manufacturing was up 76.1 percent.

The profit of industrial enterprises above a designated size totaled 128.78 billion yuan from January to November last year, an increase of 41.9 percent. Due to the improving performance of enterprises, the general public budget revenue amounted to 229.26 billion yuan, up 22.8 percent.

Administrative divisions:

Shanxi province governs 11 prefecture-level cities. Taiyuan, the capital city, sits in the middle of the province and the remaining 10 cities from North to South are: Datong, Shuozhou, Xinzhou, Yangquan, Lyuliang, Jinzhong, Changzhi, Jincheng, Linfen, and Yunchen. The 11 prefecture-level cities are sub-divided into 119 county-level divisions (23 districts, 11 county-level cities, and 85 counties). 

Sister cities:

Intl Sister Cities Date Signed Intl Sister Cities Date Signed
Ōmuta, Japan Oct 16, 1981 Saitama Prefecture, Japan October 1982
Newcastle, UK  April 15, 1985 Idaho, USA Oct 28, 1985
Tennessee, USA  Dec 24, 1986 Derbyshire, UK April 4, 1987
Himeji, Japan May 19, 1987 Chesterfield, UK  Sept 24, 1987
Chichibu, Japan  Oct 7, 1988 City of Reading, USA July 27, 1992
Abruzzo, Italy  Sept 16, 1992     Canelones, Uruguay    Nov 12, 1992      
Marl, Germany   Oct 4, 1993 Briey, France June 22, 1994
Mount Vernon, USA Sept 16, 1995 Lanciano, Italy Sept 20, 1995
Launceston, Australia Nov 28, 1995 Saratov, Russia Dec 8, 1995
Chemnitz, Germany May 17, 1999 Douala, Cameroon    Oct 12, 1999   
Mureș County, Romania      July 23, 2000    Ulyanovsk Oblast, Russia  July 2001       
Bury, UK   Aug 6, 2003   Provins, France   Sept 15, 2005      
Upper Hutt, New Zealand     Nov 5, 2005      Nashville, USA      April 18, 2007  
Szolnok, Hungary  Nov 25, 2007 Vals, Australia July 15, 2008
Cacadu, South Africa  Aug 10, 2008 City of Rome, USA  Nov 7, 2008
Solnock, Hungary  Sept 10, 2009  Hoi An, Vietnam  Sept 8, 2010 
Luang Prabang, Laos   Feb 5, 2012  Saint-Denis, France Mar 2, 2012 
Pomona, USA  June 17, 2012  Donetsk, Ukraine  Aug 25, 2012      
Marmande, France Sept 16, 2012          Gwangju, Korea  Dec 17, 2014  
West Virginia, USA     June 2015          Geddington, Australia   Oct 8, 2015  


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